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Wardrobe Busting

Let us detox, overhaul or simply demolish and rebuild your wardrobe.
  • Start by laying your clothes out on your bed
  • We’ll then determine your style, body and face shape, colouring and proportions.
  • We’ll sort through your clothes putting them into outfits.
  • We’ll help you determine any wardrobe gaps and write up a “wardrobe-busting wish-list”.
  • We’ll help you through the grieving process of parting with your favourite old jumper; we won’t be shocked by your fashion faux pas and promise to be very polite!
  • Then... you can either be left to your own devices (and old shopping habits!) or you can let FrockChicks give you the experienced help you need to guide you through the shopping process with our Shopping SOS.....


Shopping SOS

We’re efficient, effective and you might even enjoy it!
Shopping SOS starts with a coffee and a chat so we can understand who you are and what your needs are. 
Is it filling in some wardrobe gaps, a new frock or a whole new look?
Then it’s time to hit the shops. While we perform a “Challenge Anneka”, bringing you the right sizes, shapes and colours you can sit in the calm and comfort of the changing rooms. Often we've put clothes aside for you in advance to save time and energy. Relax in our range of Personal Shopping Suites.
With FrockChicks at your side we’ll teach you the best shops for your style and budget.



Look Book

To complete the package our clients say they can’t live without our Look Book. We come to your home after your shopping trip and photograph all your different outfit combos. Then we’ll email you through a Look Book to print out and stick inside your wardrobe door. Each morning all you have to do is pick a look and the hard work is done, it’s as simple as that. No more picking up yesterday's clothes off the chair or throwing on your tracksuit and pretending you're going to the Gym - again!


Gift Certificates

Contact us to find out how we can help with a FrockChicks Gift Certificate, perfect for any occasion or to give a friendly nudge to a special friend. We can send it to you or directly to them, with an appropriate message…nothing too slushy please!


FrockChicks Parties

Coffee or wine, what's your tipple? Early bird or Night Owl? Get together with friends for fun, frolics and FrockChick advice in the comfort of your own home.


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