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"I HATE clothes shopping...but I had to look presentable at work and I wanted a practical wardrobe for every day. Enter my fairy godmother, Hilary.

With infinite tact and patience she examined my existing clothes and we decided what was needed. A few days later we hit the shops where Hilary had done her homework and had already put aside several outfits for me to try. I did the minimum, trying on the clothes in a comfy changing room, while Hilary rushed back and forth producing more clothes and accessories to finish off the looks. We passed more time in the shops than I have ever done before. I arrived home with my treasures, all complimentary to my colouring and interchangeable. Later that week Hilary came back to my house and we had our own fashion show and photos which she emailed so that I would remember each outfit.

Just magic for the clothes-shop shy woman I had become and all achieved with such a lovely person as Hilary."

Sarah, New Malden

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