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Winter Coats ©Marie Claire

A winter coat is an important purchase, often an investment piece. So, it’s worth hunting around for one that is a great colour, shape and style for you …as well as one you love! So here are our long-awaited style tips for AW13 from FrockChicks to help you find your perfect winter coat.

  • Consider your height. If you are petite, don’t be swamped by an ill-fitting long shapeless coat. Instead go for a more tailored peacoat or knee length coat that will flatter far more.
  • Consider your body shape. If you are rectangular (A FrockChicks Rhubarb or Kiwi) make sure you go for a coat with lovely fitted waist tailoring to give you a more feminine shape. Hourglass (the FrockChicks Butternut Squash) shapes should avoid hiding their shapely form under a thick boxy shapeless coat. Accentuate your waist and go for a lower neckline. Pear shapes will find that Fit and Flare coats (Fitted on top and more A-line below) will be flattering, as long as there is plenty of detailing and interest at the top of the coat e.g. large lapels, padded/gathered shoulders. Avoid pockets in the side hem as these will accentuate any largeness in the hip area! Our lovely Apples should go for Empire Line Coats with lower necklines. Strawberries – avoid any extra detailing on the shoulders! No 80’s style shoulder pads, military shoulder epaulettes etc . You can carry off the oversized drop shoulder look better than most.
  • Consider your colouring. Unless you have very dark colouring or lots of contrast in your hair, eye and skin tone..avoid black coats! Yes, I know you think they are easy to wear, but especially in the winter, they can leave you looking like a poor orphan from “Oliver” if you have lighter colouring with less contrast in your skin/hair/eyes. Instead, choose a soft navy if you have blue eyes, a khaki or brown if you have warmer colouring. Teal, aubergine and charcoal grey will look fab on most colourings so give those a go if you’re unsure.
  • Consider your face shape. This may be a new concept to you – but work out whether your face and facial features are predominantly angular, predominantly rounded or a real mixture of angular and rounded. Then mirror that with your necklines and any scarf you wear…Predominantly angular? Go for v-neck, Biker or funnel necklines on your coat with lots of nice sharp edgy tailoring. Mix with a scarf tied to create further angles. Predominantly rounded? Go for shawl, Peter Pan or simple round necklines on your coats. You can loop your scarves around or wear a snood. Mixture of rounded/angular? Then choose whatever neckline you prefer and wear your scarf in the opposite manner to balance everything out e.g. rounded neckline on coat – do a simple loop through scarf-tie to create a complementary angle; v-neckline on coat – wear your scarf wrapped around in more of a loop/ wear a snood to soften the look. It works, I promise!
  • Consider your body thermostat – if you are a cold person, there is no point in buying anything other than wool (even better boiled wool), the manmade fibres just won’t cut it! Make sure it seals up well so you don’t get draughts in surprising places.
  • Consider your wardrobe. What range of outfits does this coat have to cover? There is nothing worse than spoiling a great outfit with a coat that ends at the wrong length for it. If you’re a tunic and leggings girl – go for a just-above-knee coat. If you are often wearing long pencil skirts/midi skirts, opt for a short coat or a very long one! Decide which would be your longest regular skirt/dress length and choose accordingly.

Now…all that is said, you’re ready for our best buys for this season

I LOVE this coat. Great on-trend colour, good fabric and very good price. It will look great on many shapes, especially Strawberries and even Pears, as it’s A-line. The colour is very flattering on a range of skin tones too – especially cool-toned.


This aubergine short coat from our friends at White Stuff is a great colour for most people and a good length if you wear a lot of trousers or tunics and leggings. About 1/3 wool so it will keep you cosy too.

H & M coat, rear view

H & M have come up trumps this season with lots of bang on-trend items at really ridiculous prices (I managed to get one of their amazing wool blend military style jackets last week for ridiculous £14.99) . This navy military style classic coat featured above (over 50% wool) is an absolute bargain! Perfect for those wanting to have more waist definition  due to the fab tailoring details at the front/back and a versatile length. On top of that, it;s trusty navy – which will be much more flattering than black for those with lighter tones in their skin and hair!

Now for the more adventurous…

This retro style coat comes in Geranium (as above), Camel and Black. The Geranium is gorgeous for those with Autumn tones, ready to embrace the colour of 2013.  A rounded collar will suit those with rounded features and the shape is great for Strawberries!

Don’t worry oh angular ones, here’s a beautiful orange coat for you too. This FC one in Sierra is 100% wool, so will keep you toasty as well as keeping you looking sharp! The oversized, boyfriend, T-shaped, Ovoid and Car Coats etc which seem to be so in this year, although they look a little shapeless, can still look edgy and feminine, paired with the right slim fitting trousers/ opaque tights/ hair updo’s and simple underlayers.

TopShop also have some great coats this year, with this on-trend checked coat amongst the beauties! A throw on over jeans or leggings – great for those who need more contrast in their clothes colours – but it can also be paired with mustard/orange scarves to warm the look up or baby pink/blue to cool the look down – have fun!

Yet more coats coming soon…let me know if you can’t find what you’re looking for here and I can point you in the right direction. Keep warm …and stylish!


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