“There’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing……..”

“Rain, Rain, Go away”..and don’t even think about coming yet another day! After apparently being in the midst of drought, it’s amazing how negative I (together with most of the UK) can be about the rain that God’s decided to pour and pour and pour upon us over the last few weeks. (If you’re interested in a refreshing theological take on rain..check this out http://paultrippministries.blogspot.co.uk/2006/11/its-raining.html)

As someone who is supposedly able to help people “Dress without Stress”….I really have struggled in recent days to work out what to wear to keep me dry, let alone stylish! Oh….what to do? Can I bear to be spotted in my gargantuan Cath Kidston floral rain poncho..which, although rather practical (large enough to cover my whole body plus my bike basket and all its contents), does cause people to look at me extremely strangely and often just to laugh…with me right? Not at me, surely?!


Mine's a lot more flowery!

Or, I can turn up to a client to “help with their style” looking like a drowned rat (thanks to Gee, my colleague who confirmed it was an accurate description!) with mascara/eyeliner half way down my face, dishevelled hair, water tide-marked shoes and a wet patch in an inappropriate place from my bike saddle…(note to self: investment in floodproof makeup will be worth it and dont forget to actually USE my waterproof bike saddle protection).

So, FrockChick sartorial tips for rain survival?




  • Invest in a long waterproof that will cover your skirts/tunics and as much as possible of your legs (try to have hem falling at narrower bit of leg for the most flattering look – just above or below knee. I like the look of this Merrell one currently on sale.
  • Invest in an umbrella that doesn’t insist on turning inside out with the slightest gust of wind, or only just keeps the rain off your hair parting and that’s it. The larger feminine “Birdcage” variety often used by Royalty work well and enable you to see out, which is always useful! Lulu Guinness is on trend with the bird theme
  • Use a waterproofing  spray on your shoes/handbag/leather jacket…Kiwi do a good one….available in the supermarket

  • If you have a bike…Cath Kidston do a very good value Bike Seat cover in their Olympic themed “Be a Good Sport” print for just £3.50..which to my mind looks a lot better than a Tesco carrier bag tied in a knot.

As I write this, I’ve just received the “Flood Alert” warning for our local Hogsmill river – joy, oh joy. Time for the extra armour – colourful wellies. There will be a rainbow after all!


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  1. Jo says:

    Your blog post, especially the rainbow of wellies, is the first thing that has made me feel vaguely cheerful about the rain. Thank you x

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