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In case you hadn’t noticed, the Parka has made a huge resurgence this season…and we’ve moved a long way from the fluoro orange-lined types worn by my slightly geeky friends Derek & Robert at Primary School in the 70’s. I’ve … Continue reading

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Coats of Many Colours….

Winter Coats ©Marie Claire

A winter coat is an important purchase, often an investment piece. So, it’s worth hunting around for one that is a great colour, shape and style for you …as well as one you love! So here are our long-awaited style tips for AW13 from FrockChicks to help you find your perfect winter coat.

  • Consider your height. If you are petite, don’t be swamped by an ill-fitting long shapeless coat. Instead go for a more tailored peacoat or knee length coat that will flatter far more.
  • Consider your body shape. If you are rectangular (A FrockChicks Rhubarb or Kiwi) make sure you go for a coat with lovely fitted waist tailoring to give you a more feminine shape. Hourglass (the FrockChicks Butternut Squash) shapes should avoid hiding their shapely form under a thick boxy shapeless coat. Accentuate your waist and go for a lower neckline. Pear shapes will find that Fit and Flare coats (Fitted on top and more A-line below) will be flattering, as long as there is plenty of detailing and interest at the top of the coat e.g. large lapels, padded/gathered shoulders. Avoid pockets in the side hem as these will accentuate any largeness in the hip area! Our lovely Apples should go for Empire Line Coats with lower necklines. Strawberries – avoid any extra detailing on the shoulders! No 80’s style shoulder pads, military shoulder epaulettes etc . You can carry off the oversized drop shoulder look better than most.
  • Consider your colouring. Unless you have very dark colouring or lots of contrast in your hair, eye and skin tone..avoid black coats! Yes, I know you think they are easy to wear, but especially in the winter, they can leave you looking like a poor orphan from “Oliver” if you have lighter colouring with less contrast in your skin/hair/eyes. Instead, choose a soft navy if you have blue eyes, a khaki or brown if you have warmer colouring. Teal, aubergine and charcoal grey will look fab on most colourings so give those a go if you’re unsure.
  • Consider your face shape. This may be a new concept to you – but work out whether your face and facial features are predominantly angular, predominantly rounded or a real mixture of angular and rounded. Then mirror that with your necklines and any scarf you wear…Predominantly angular? Go for v-neck, Biker or funnel necklines on your coat with lots of nice sharp edgy tailoring. Mix with a scarf tied to create further angles. Predominantly rounded? Go for shawl, Peter Pan or simple round necklines on your coats. You can loop your scarves around or wear a snood. Mixture of rounded/angular? Then choose whatever neckline you prefer and wear your scarf in the opposite manner to balance everything out e.g. rounded neckline on coat – do a simple loop through scarf-tie to create a complementary angle; v-neckline on coat – wear your scarf wrapped around in more of a loop/ wear a snood to soften the look. It works, I promise!
  • Consider your body thermostat – if you are a cold person, there is no point in buying anything other than wool (even better boiled wool), the manmade fibres just won’t cut it! Make sure it seals up well so you don’t get draughts in surprising places.
  • Consider your wardrobe. What range of outfits does this coat have to cover? There is nothing worse than spoiling a great outfit with a coat that ends at the wrong length for it. If you’re a tunic and leggings girl – go for a just-above-knee coat. If you are often wearing long pencil skirts/midi skirts, opt for a short coat or a very long one! Decide which would be your longest regular skirt/dress length and choose accordingly.

Now…all that is said, you’re ready for our best buys for this season

I LOVE this coat. Great on-trend colour, good fabric and very good price. It will look great on many shapes, especially Strawberries and even Pears, as it’s A-line. The colour is very flattering on a range of skin tones too – especially cool-toned.


This aubergine short coat from our friends at White Stuff is a great colour for most people and a good length if you wear a lot of trousers or tunics and leggings. About 1/3 wool so it will keep you cosy too.

H & M coat, rear view

H & M have come up trumps this season with lots of bang on-trend items at really ridiculous prices (I managed to get one of their amazing wool blend military style jackets last week for ridiculous £14.99) . This navy military style classic coat featured above (over 50% wool) is an absolute bargain! Perfect for those wanting to have more waist definition  due to the fab tailoring details at the front/back and a versatile length. On top of that, it;s trusty navy – which will be much more flattering than black for those with lighter tones in their skin and hair!

Now for the more adventurous…

This retro style coat comes in Geranium (as above), Camel and Black. The Geranium is gorgeous for those with Autumn tones, ready to embrace the colour of 2013.  A rounded collar will suit those with rounded features and the shape is great for Strawberries!

Don’t worry oh angular ones, here’s a beautiful orange coat for you too. This FC one in Sierra is 100% wool, so will keep you toasty as well as keeping you looking sharp! The oversized, boyfriend, T-shaped, Ovoid and Car Coats etc which seem to be so in this year, although they look a little shapeless, can still look edgy and feminine, paired with the right slim fitting trousers/ opaque tights/ hair updo’s and simple underlayers.

TopShop also have some great coats this year, with this on-trend checked coat amongst the beauties! A throw on over jeans or leggings – great for those who need more contrast in their clothes colours – but it can also be paired with mustard/orange scarves to warm the look up or baby pink/blue to cool the look down – have fun!

Yet more coats coming soon…let me know if you can’t find what you’re looking for here and I can point you in the right direction. Keep warm …and stylish!


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Diana, Dresses and Dysmorphia


Diana captured in film

The release of the film”Diana” last week, has certainly caused some controversy. Is there really any chance anyone will ever know the whole story of the Princess of Wales’s private life in the lead up to her sudden and horrific death?  Not only does this film highlight the intrigue of the princess’s private life but it also reminds us of the legacy of her public persona as a 20th century style and beauty icon. And so, back in the spotlight is the man behind Diana’s renowned wardrobe…the great frock designer, Jacques Azagury, creator of 18 of Diana’s iconic dresses.

Jacques Azagury, 2013

When asked whether he would be willing to recreate 8 dresses for Naomi Watts to don for the film, he hesitated. Unsure about “dragging up that period again”, he met Watts and realised the movie was a serious movie (“not a tacky one”!), and jumped on board, relishing the opportunity to use his experience and impeccable “prêt à couture” design skills to help us relive some of those iconic fashion moments.

Watts: Diana personified

Azagury apparently loved working with Watts. He says “At first I thought it was going to be a bit of a challenge because of the different proportions of Naomi and Diana. Diana was 5ft 10 without shoes on, so by the time she put shoes on she was 6ft 1. Naomi on the other hand is shorter, a six/eight…she was lovely to work with.”

Naomi Watts as Diana, in Azagury beaded black dress

Azagury’s dresses featured in the film include the low cut, sky blue beaded georgette dress in which Diana made her last public appearance  – to see Swan lake in 1997; and a long black beaded dress, Azagury’s personal favourite, which he made for Diana’s birthday 2 months before she died.

Diana in Blue beaded georgette Azagury dress, Swan Lake 1997



Princess Style; Diana in black beaded birthday dress,designed by Azagury


Although Azagury’s styling for Diana was the “highlight” of his career, he’s still very much in demand, dressing Helen Mirren, Elizabeth McGovern, Helen McCrory and Sheridan Smith. Will his Princess-Styling extend to the Duchess of Cambridge? “Not yet” he claims. “She’s been very sensible, very clever at dumbing down the whole thing after the Diana episode. She’s being conservative, very pretty Princess Kate. She always looks great.”

Azagury’s approach to the glamorous evening wear he creates is “never fussy, fabulous fabrics, great cut and always concentrating on the female body.” In the Evening Standard recently Azagury notes that “the female form has evolved a lot in recent years. Women are getting bigger all over but you can really see it in the waist: they’re much squarer now. Even the dummies have upsized. If you measure a size 10 dummy now to a size 10 dummy 8 years ago, it’s gone up maybe one and a half inches on the waist.

Hourglass – The Butternut

Rectangle shape – The Kiwi

So, are we seeing the uprising of the “Kiwi” (FrockChick’s term for the Rectangular body shape) and the demise of the perceived ideal feminine form: the “Butternut Squash”(Hourglass)?! “Yes”, continues Azagury. “Would I say it was less feminine? Hmmm. I’d say it was more of an athletic shape”. Will this be reflected in the clothes that Azagury and others design? Let’s hope so….for the sake of clothes that actually fit and aren’t made for unrealistic models! Azagury also strongly believes that many women have “body dysmorphia” and although recently this has meant women seeing themselves as bigger than they really are, he surprisingly claims that the dysmorphia of today,  is women seeing themselves as smaller than they are! He claims that regularly the women he assists are claiming they are a much smaller size than the clothes that actually fit them. “There’s something  very weird happening with the whole size issue…clothing companies are sizing down larger clothes in a big marketing thing to make people feel thinner”. (For a fascinating history of clothes sizing in the US, click here).

I personally can’t wait to see the film, “Diana” – hopefully with my great friend Ali, a devotee of Diana’s 90’s style.  Azagury has made me think again about what our culture perceives as style and ideal body shapes. We are all individuals, let’s not be governed by any stereotypes of the past or the present…but enjoy the body shapes we’ve been given and the skill of those who make clothes that flatter and fit us!

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Yellow = the colour of Spring/Summer!

Spring/Summer may not be in the air, but it’s definitely in the shops – in fact, I can’t tell you how many “Summer Collection on sale now” updates from retailers I have received over the last few days, while snowflakes have been literally falling outside!

On a little “research the shops session” for a client this week, I was delighted to discover a lovely checked heavy linen coat in a gorgeous “chick-feather yellow” (I’ll never get the job of concocting paint names!), not too “lemony”, not too “custardy” – just pleasant. A perfect tunic length, with flattering bracelet-revealing sleeve length too.

Zara Short Chequered Coat, £69.99

Embracing this season’s graphic trend and providing a far more unusual and flattering alternative to the hard-to-wear monochrome black & white check (that only suits the  ‘Deep’ colouring or very blonde hair) – I thought this was a steal at £69.99 from Zara for those with ‘Light’ colouring  (i.e. lower contrast between hair, eye and skin colour). Dress it down over a plain white tee and skinny jeans with boots (for now!) or with kitten heel pumps (as it warms up….). It can take being dressed up, even for a wedding, with a little white or yellow shift dress underneath and some heels…so versatile!

See how lovely that yellow is!

What’s more it’s a complete bargain version of the classy Louis Vuitton Spring collection seen below…The Zara coat version still looks classy. In a kind of vintage…retro kind of way. So, take a trip to Zara, before these sell out! I’ll be persuading my client tomorrow to buy one for her outfit for a forthcoming wedding. I’ll race you……After all, we need a touch of sunny yellow to cheer us up as we all freeze our socks off!

Louis Vuitton Spring 2013 Campaign


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A FrockChicks Guide to Frugal Fashion

I’ve just been away for a fabulous weekend to celebrate a dear friends 40th, with ten 30- somethings and fellow 40-somethings. With the inclement weather and snow in Northumberland, we were not dressed in our finery. Let’s say onesies, fleeces, welly socks and thermals were more the order of the day….(and the cutest “baby long johns” in the case of Ed  – 5 months!). All the lovely girls I was with are, like me, keen to look reasonable on a limited budget and discussing our approach to shopping for clothes, on the return journey home, I felt inspired to share the tips of the renowned “Mrs Exeter” pictured below, that appeared in the current edition of Vogue.

Mrs Exeter was a fictional character who appeared in British Vogue (Brogue, apparently!) in the 1950’s. She shared pearls of wisdom about “ageless clothes” to women of all ages, but especially the over 40-somethings! I think you’ll agree they are as relevant in 2013 as they were then – and they certainly chime with the FrockChicks ethos….


May I add that one should be aware of the lure of the “Up to 70% off sales” that tempt us daily from different retailers, and even worse, the “Extra 20% off Sale Prices”. These apparent savings can seem all too appealing but can often result in compromising on size, colour, fit or the right style, all for the satisfaction of the “bargain”.   I have been caught out a few times on this one, being the cheapskate I am. Fit, comfort, individuality/”ingenuity” and cost per wear must always be the paramount deciders. It may be better to walk away from the cash till, leaving your purchases behind and head back home. Open your wardrobe, have a good old ferret around. What could be reworked for your spring wardrobe with the right components to make an on trend outfit? A bit of simple tailoring – new length, new collar shape or even dyed to suit you in a more  fashionable and flattering colour.

Alternatively pop along to our Little Frock Shop in Surbiton on Thursday or Friday this week, run by the lovely Lisa.  Special winter sale – 15% off all items. FrockChicks are there too, giving free style tips.

We are at Rubicon in Surbiton, every last Thursday evening and Friday morning of the month. (And also at The Swan in Walton on the second Thursday of every month). Bring your freshly laundered, pre-loved clothes that you no longer wear along for Lisa to sell (50% to you, 50% to her), and put the proceeds towards a “new” purchase at the Frock Shop or in the piggy bank towards that investment piece you’ve had your eye on for a while. It’s all so much easier than Ebay.

For those nearer Berkshire, The Stock Exchange in Sunninghill works on a similar basis and is a treasure trove of bargains. Failing those options, head along to your nearest charity shop – and hunt out the quality items that could fill an essential niche in your wardrobe – a classy scarf, a trench coat…but again don’t be lured by the price tag and end up with some ill-fitting, bad quality item that you actually have no occasion to ever wear..or requires you (in the words of Mrs Exeter) to tread the “treacherous” path to needing to find a whole host of other things to make the item work! Wishing you all a happy 2013 with a wise wardrobe that works. Remember, get in touch with FrockChicks if you need any help in the style department…..

P.S. Whilst on the subject of Vogue, may I also recommend the inspired Anniversary present my husband gave me this year….”GRACE” The memoirs of Grace Coddington, (the Creative Director of American Vogue). Not sure of her views on “Frugal Fashion” – but hey!

The cover blends perfectly with my new Orla Kiely bedroom colour scheme so the book looks good on my bedside table (v important!), it is incredibly readable, beautifully illustrated and “Grace” happens to be one of my favourite words in the English language due to its meaning – a gift that we don’t deserve! Not sure I deserved this, among many other things! Next gift idea “The September Issue” – hint, hint!










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Your FrockChicks Guide to Festive Style – The Frock

A Christmas Party? A family celebration? A Christmas Day Dress? Something to shine with for New Year’s Eve..

Oh to look so glamorous!

Don’t panic – help is at hand. The variety available in the shops can feel overwhelming, especially as the shops are so busy this time of year. But stay strong and follow these tips for getting a Christmas Dress  – without Stress.

1) Give it time

Don’t try and squeeze in finding the perfect outfit, whilst you have a list as long as your arm of presents, stocking fillers and wrapping paper to get on the same trip. Allocate a separate trip so you can be in a different frame of mind from frazzled Christmas shopper. Give yourself at least 2 hours, then if you finish early, you can grab yourself a relaxing coffee  – the rest itself will add a bit of sparkle to your face!

2) Force yourself to do some homework before you shop

I promise it’s worth it.

Take a look in your wardrobe and see what you already have. Check out all those plastic covered, dry cleaned items and see if you can’t find something to wear…or if not…something to inspire your new purchase. It may be you forgot about a dress you’ve bought previously and never worn – but now you have the perfect shoes/necklace to pair it with. Or maybe your body has changed shape so you fit it better than before. Then Voila! No shopping trip needed.

Maybe you already have a few good dresses in your  wardrobe. Ask yourself…Do you really need another Black dress? Especially as black is a very hard colour to wear well if you’ve not got the right colouring. It can make you look seriously ill, which is not what you want before you even start the party ! How about trying something sequinned for an on-trend update to your formal wardrobe?

French Connection

Mint Velvet

Remember/rediscover those clothes that you feel fantastic in. Use these to help you choose a style that you already know works for you….(or…maybe decide you don’t need to get something new after all!) If you do need something new – work out what neckline you need. Are you more angular or rounded featured? Choose your neckline to correspond. Bingo wings? then you’ll feel safer in sleeves. Warm blooded go for short sleeves. Amazing décolletage? Go for strapless, you lucky thing!Online shopping is probably not the best way to shop for this key item. But do use the internet to research possible items to try on at the shops. Ease the shopping stress with a list of shops to target, colours and price range before you go to the shops. envisioning the shopping centre you’re going to, plan your route according to the priority shops to target and then their proximity to each other. Shop smart by being sale-savvy. Lots of places have sales on – check out FCUK or Whistles for some seasonal bargains.

Also, make sure you wear clothes that are going to be simple to change in and out of. For trying on a dress , wear a casual dress with similar colour tights to what you’d wear with your posh frock. Wear comfy shoes but take your heels to try the dress on with…heels can alter the look of a dress completely.

3) Dress for your shape

A dress looks best when it works for your body shape, accentuating your best features. Use the following as a guide to help choose (and therefore immediately rule out things that don’t suit your shape, saving you lots of shopping time!)

  • Butternut Squash/ Hourglass – Emphasise the waist with belt detail/ fitted tummy area. Ensure your bust area is well supported and there isn’t too much on show.
  • Apple – A-line and empire tunic cuts will be flattering and disguise the tummy area. The dress should end above your knee to show off your great legs.
  • Strawberry – Peplum dresses look fab on this shape. Go for detail below the waist rather than on/near the shoulders. Pleats, gathers in skirts will be flattering. Strapless/ fitted unfussy sleeves will work well too.
  • Pear – Figure – hugging dresses can be surprisingly flattering if you ensure you create more drama with detail on the top half to add balance and draw they eye upwards. Go for dramatic accessories. Alternatively go for a dress that is A-line or hip-skimming. Definitely avoid bias cut dresses.
  • Rhubarb/ Kiwi  – choose strapless or short sleeved tailored dresses with well-cut waists to create curves and add femininity. Bias cut dresses will give you a great shape, creating curves and flattering where you need it.

Boudicca Bias Cut Velvet SIlk Devore Dress from Monsoon

4) Shop Smart
Using your list as a guide..prioritise your shops. If you want to try something different, a department store is a good option as you can try some different ranges without having to get undressed and traipse to stores located all over the place! When you’re there, don’t waste time..only select dresses you like and fit your criteria. Also select a few you would never normally choose. This will help you to see what looks good (and maybe what doesn’t!) to adjust your eye and gives you a benchmark of what you really like – you might be surprised by a wild card that works.
Try them all on. When you put a dress on you know immediately if it suits you or not. Does it make you want to keep looking and maybe even showing to people outside the fitting room?  If the dress doesn’t feel right, take it off pronto and move on to the next. It’s worth persevering to get it right. If you trust yourself and allocate a good few hours to get just one dress you will choose the perfect one for you.

Does it look ok in the mirror or are you self-conscious?

Don’t necessarily listen to the shop assistants – they aren’t often trained in knowing what looks good on different shapes and they are mainly just trying to sell. Listen to your intuition and trust your own judgement. If you feel really unsure, take your partner or a friend who can be objective with you. If you have doubts about the dress it will end up collecting dust in your wardrobe, I know I’ve seen lots of them in my job! Remember….the perfect dress for you is the one you’ll love to wear to get you in the festive mood.

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Your FrockChicks Guide to Christmas Style

Our little advent treat will be some tips on the top picks of key items to see you through the festive season and beyond. The first is the Faux Fur coat which adds a touch of elegance and glamour to anything from jeans and leggings to your sparkling party dress. Put this on and you’ll immediately look put together even if you’re still wearing your pyjama top underneath! If you’re very dark in colour or blonde, a black fur coat can look stunning. If you’re blonde make sure you pair the black coat with lots of sparkly jewellery to keep your face looking fresh. For those with mid tone colourings the minks, greys, taupey colours will look fab!

Coming next – Party Dresses….


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Sweater the devil you know! we all thought we would never embrace the trend for leggings when they came in (reappeared!) a few years ago…but now we wouldn’t be without them. But what about this latest trend for Christmas sweaters? Really?! Bringing back images of Colin Firth in his Reindeer turtleneck in Bridget Jones’ Diary and dodgy family sweater sets – they are surely a travesty.

Now if this is all happening in the name of fashion – I wash my hands and distance myself as far away as the North Pole to have nothing to do with them. However…it may just be that people aren’t just blind fashion-enslaved sheep. Perhaps they are being far more magnanimous, looking to a cause beyond themselves  – willing to bear the shame of the most hideous Christmas jumper for the sake of charity.

Save the Children launched a social media campaign this week called #whereswoolly to run until December 14th when it will be Christmas Jumper Day  #xmasjumperday. Lots  of people will wear their hideous Christmas sweaters to fund raise, either solo or as part of an organised fundraiser. But don’t panic… if you can’t wait until 14th December :-), Save the Children are encouraging people to take photos of themselves wearing their crazy jumpers and facebook/tweet the photo with the hashtag #whereswoolly  – the crazier the location, the better!

So..if you’re going to partake in this trend, for the sake of charity ONLY….you could take this quiz to find out what to go for Which Christmas Jumper are you? Or here are a few choice morsels for you to feast your eyes on in what is becoming more and more a season of good cheer and …sartorial madness. Raid your attics for these fashionable festive garments or if you’re contemplating splashing out (all in the name of charity of course) then here’s FrockChicks’ Guide to The Better Christmas Sweater!

For the deep dark types….

Top Shop, £50

For the lighter toned…

ASOS, £28

More coming soon…..

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Autumn Style for Mums


Burberry Prorsum SS13

As Mums, London and Paris Fashion Weeks frankly pass us by as we struggle to find a pair of jeans that fit, let alone embrace the new trends for studs, lace, jacquard, metallics and whatever else takes the fashionista’s fancy this season!  Some of us may think it would be easier if we could just have a ‘Mum Uniform’, like our kids do for school – and not have to think about what to wear. Let’s face it, we’ve got so many other things to think about in order to just get out of the house in the mornings…we struggle to find time to sort an outfit that’s flattering, comfy, practical and that isn’t our pyjamas!

So to help lighten your load, here are FrockChicks’  top tips for Mums this Autumn

  • Be prepared

Looking stylish takes some forward planning – just like organising the school uniform for your kids!  So it’s time to pack those summer clothes off to the loft (or under the bed!) and get your wardrobe kickstarted. Enjoy a therapeutic throw out with a friend (or book a FrockChicks Wardrobe Bust!). Get rid of anything that you didn’t wear over the summer; chuck away anything that’s stained, or literally “the worse for wear”. See how many Autumn outfits you can put together with what you already have and make a shopping list for key items to fill the gaps. A capsule wardrobe doesn’t need to be expensive. Limit your colour palette and aim to create five totally different outfits that you could mix or match. When I was at Uni, I used to mock my roommate for doing this…but plan your clothes the night before – five minutes is all it will take but it might save you half an hour the following morning! If you can’t be doing with that, invest in a super stylish coat, jacket or trench that you can throw on over your pyjamas if necessary….who’s to know?!

  • Go Berry Picking

Berry-colours, maroons, oxblood and “50 Shades of Purple” are the colour must-haves to update your wardrobe this season. If you are cooler toned with more blue/pink tone to your skin, think cherry, blackcurrant, blueberry and blackberry tones. Warmer-skin with yellow/brown tones suits the richer, earthier tones of mulberries, oxblood and rowan. Aubergine is the go-to colour if you’re uncertain as it suits nearly everyone.


  • Give it the boot

Invest in a great pair of boots that you feel comfy in. Choose some funky ones to add a bit of edge to clothes you’ve had for a while. Ankle boots are so on trend and versatile  – for skinny/straight jeans & leggings,  as well as with dresses and skirts. Tan, cognac and grey are great alternatives to black this year and they’ll go with everything.

H by Hudson, £149

Office, £75


Ash Jalouse in Wood Ash £145

If you’re after a pair of boots, I know this might be a surprise, but DO check out Clarks’ AW12 range. See FrockChicks latest blog for some great Clarks boots for everyone, including the man in your life…and be amazed!

  • Layer up!

Autumn days can start out with a chill in the air, but then warm up by lunchtime and school pick up!  Think about what your day holds and the layers you might need.  Experiment with a different colour or print layer underneath  –  Zara, and Reiss and Isabella Oliver’s new range Baukjen offer some great items this season. Remember that keeping at least one of your top layers the same colour as your bottoms will flatter and elongate your body shape. Wear the best necklines to complement your facial features – rounded if you’re rounded, angular if you’re angular and mixed and matched if your facial features are a combination of rounded and angular. If you’re in the latter category, layering a scoop neck under a sharp, tailored blazer or v-neck cardi will look great!

Baukjen cardi, £119

Zara cable knit cardi, £59.99

When the weather is too cool for just a cardi but too warm for your winter coat – the perfect solution – a “Coatigan”. I love this Kimono-style one also from Zara.

Zara Kimono Coatigan, £69.99

So…that’s a few style tips to help you on your way. If you’re still at a loss, a session with FrockChicks is the solution for frazzled mums, who have wardrobes full of clothes but “nothing to wear” and who want to be able to pull outfits together for each day in minimum time and with zero stress. Knowing what to wear, but still dressing as an individual can be hard when we’ve experienced as big a life change as having kids…. FrockChicks, a friendly, local Personal Styling Service, is here to help with Individual Style Consultations, Wardrobe Busting and Shopping SOS Sessions. Check out our website for more Remember Christmas is coming soon..and a Gift Voucher makes a great treat for you or a gift for someone special. x

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Clarks…not just for school shoes or boring, granny shoes….

Clarks, the shop most of us would only go to to buy our kids school shoes, is fast becoming a go-to shoe shop for the fashion-savvy woman.

They’ve pulled off some amazing advertising this year, really getting to grips with what us women like – on-trend style, comfort and great value. Their patented “SoftWear” cushioning in lots of their shoes is like walking on a deep pile carpet – something you won’t find in other boots – high street or designer. Let’s face it – we all want shoes we can actually wear!

The Clarks AW12 story is a visual treat….showcasing the inspiration behind this season’s designs and how different looks work for real life people. I guarantee there is something for everyone …

Here are my top favourite picks for AW12..

For the Rock Romantics out there…how about these cool ankle boots in this season’s colour?..

Malm Jive Aubergine Ankle Boots, £69.99

For the buggy-pushing Mums or the school run, how about these versatile biker boots?

Majorca Villa Grey Suede Boots, £99.99

Malm Bright Ankle Boots, Black Leather


For those of you preferring a more sporty look and not quite brave enough to try hi-top wedge trainers, these make the grade for a cool look with a quirky twist from the gorgeous Harris Tweed.

Jilli Tweed Hi Tops in Brown suede/Red Tweed, £49.99 (also in Black/Grey/Purple)

And for a quick, cheap and easy update to your wardrobe, these cute suede ankle boots are a surefire winner to wear with skinny jeans, dresses, tunics and winter shorts….in these 2 colours and more

Melanie Jane in Brown/ Khaki Suede, £59.99

Melanie Jane, Black Leather, £59.99

For the vintage look, take a peek at these gorgeous teal suede laceups with cuban block heel….and check out

Lulworth Beach, Teal Suede Ankle Boots, £59.99

Inspired yet? For more of the story of the juxtaposition of city and country expressed in Clarks AW12 this video Clarks Designers Inspiration, featuring the teal boots above.

Before I sign off, I should just mention the menswear which is also looking great this season, incorporating beautiful soft leathers and Harris Tweed. I bought some amazing brogue vintage-style boots for my husband with one of the regular 20% offers that Clarks do…so get your men kitted out while you’re at it – in fact, next time you’re kitting the kids out with school shoes, why not just have a family day trip to…Clarks and all come home kitted out?!


Montacute Lord, Dark Tan - also in Dark Brown/ Black Leather and Black or Brown Leather/Harris Tweed combi! £79.99



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